The Logo tree collects only general data about Logos – the so called descriptive metadata. Depending on the importance, the collected data is categorized in three groups.

[ Name ]

This is the name of a Logo without its version number. It is the most important metadatum. Many Logos have several names and many were refered to by their authors just as 'Logo'.

[ Inspirer ]

This metadatum is a list of other Logos that inspired physically, ideologically or emotionally the development of a Logo. Inspirers are used to connect Logos in the Logo tree. An inspirer could be:

  1. Logo which is a previous version (parent) of a Logo.
  2. Logo which documentation (e.g. set of primitives) is used as a reference.
  3. Logo which lacked some functionality and this triggered the making of a new Logo.
[ Years ]

The metadatum is either the year when a Logo became public, or a range of years framing its development. Sometimes, the year of a Logo is a guess.

Other metadata

The following metadata represent general properties of a Logo. Even if all of them are missing, a Logo can still be included in the tree and linked to its predecessors.

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