No, it is not about money.

It is about your Logo experience and memories of Logo. If you know something that is worth mentioning in the tree, please, share it.

Here are the possible ways to help us:

A missing Logo

If you know any Logo implementation, version or dialect that is not mentioned in the Logo tree, let us know something about it.

Submit a new Logo
An orphan Logo

Currently there are Logos, which are not connected to the tree. This is because there is no information who are their inspirers and predecessors. You may help us a lot if you know the origin of any of these Logos and click on its name: .

A nomadic Logo

There are Logos that have no associated time of existence. They are time travellers and they cannot settle anywhere in the tree. Actually, Logos that are both nomadic and orphan. You may help us a lot if you know when any of these Logos has been developed and click on its name: .

An incomplete or wrong Logo

There are Logos, which have incomplete records (e.g. their platform is unknown). There might also be Logos, thah have mistakes in their data. If you find such Logo in the table, click on its name to open its profile and then follow the button for editting.